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Wallbox electric car charger opens up Ferroamp’s smart control

Ferroamp’s unique solution for electric car charging is now available to more people. Wallbox electric car chargers are now compatible with Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system and can thus become part of the energy-smart property.

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is a standard that enables different types of systems to control and integrate charging stations in networks (What is an EV Charging Platform) As more and more chargers are now opened to the common industry standard OCPP 1.6-J, it means that they can be controlled by EnergyHub, which makes it possible to charge the car quickly and efficiently without causing high consumption peaks. Charging otherwise risks becoming expensive when more and more electricity network owners introduce so-called power tariffs, which means that the network fee is set in whole or in part after the hours when consumption is at its highest.

Ferroamp’s EnergyHub is a smart inverter that forms the brain of an intelligent power system, where the benefit of solar panels, electric car charging and battery storage can be maximized. By controlling the electric car charger via OCPP, the charging speed can be adjusted so that the property’s power output is kept below a predetermined level without the charging needing to be interrupted.

When installed together with a charging box, Ferroamps EnergyHub entitles to a 50 percent tax reduction in the form of a green deduction.

Wallbox is one of the biggest charging box manufacturers on the market and it is their best sellers Wallbox Pulsar Plus (v5.13.11) and Wallbox Copper SB (v5.13.11) that have now been tested and approved by Ferroamp according to the OCPP standard.

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