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Kia EV6 gets updated – gets battery preheating

  • The preheating of the high-voltage battery is updated in the Kia EV6 – Car of the Year 2022
  • Pre-air conditioning of the passenger compartment via app
  • Update from the factory in future model years and available for already delivered cars – free of charge for the customer

The Kia EV6 was launched a year ago and quickly became one of the most requested electric cars on the market. Earlier this year, the EV6 won the prestigious Car of the Year 2022 award.

Electrified Kia EV6

Faster charging in cold weather

When the outside temperature is lower, it may take longer to charge the high-voltage battery with a DC charger. To increase DC charging performance in colder temperatures, Kia has developed a software update that allows the high-voltage battery in the EV6 to be preheated. To preheat the battery, the car’s navigation is used, where a DC charging station is specified as the destination. In this way, the charging will go faster regardless of the weather compared to if you do not use the pre-heating.

Pre-air conditioning of compartment via app

A new function makes it possible to directly start the cabin’s pre-climatization via the Kia Connect app. The function immediately starts the cabin’s pre-climatization (heating or cooling) regardless of whether the car is connected to a charging box or not and regardless of the state of charge achieved.

100% rechargeable by 2024

Kia wants as many people as possible to be able to switch to driving on electricity. Today, 85 percent of the cars Kia sells are plug-in and Kia has the lowest average CO2 emissions (35 grams/km) of the best-selling car brands.

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